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war team AeG

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salut, la team AeG propose une war sur advanced warfare la semaine prochaine si cela tente du monde


(RD HC sans exo, regles esl mais hardcore)



les armes: Assault: BAL-27, AK12, HBRA3, MK14, SMG: KF5, MP11, ASM1, SN6

                Sniper: MORS
                Handgun: MP443 GRACH, ATLAS 45
                Shotgun: TAC-19
                Grenades: 1 smoke + 1 grenade (wildcard enabled)
                Perk 1: Lightweight
                Perk 2: Fast hands
                Perk 3: Thoughness
                Attachments: Ballistic CPU, Ironsights, Extended mags (only for handguns), Advanced rifling Custom weapons are forbidden Only 2 SMG's, 1 Scope, 1 iron sight and 1 shotgun per team
mettre vos dispo si possible, du 5vs5 ou du 6vs6
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mise a jour esl pour la war: armes et equipement


pour cree votre classe:

  • Mod: Classic Search&Destroy
  • Assault rifles: BAL-27, AK12, HBRA3, MK14
  • SMG's: KF5, MP11, ASM1, SN6
  • Sniper: MORS
  • Shotguns: TAC-19
  • Grenades: 1 frag + 1 smoke (Wildcard: bombardier)
  • Pistols: MP443 Grach, Atlas 45
  • Perks: Lightweight, fast hands, toughness
  • Attachments: Ballistic CPU, ironsights, advanced rifling, extended magazines(only pistols)
  • round length: 1.5 minutes
  • Score limit: 12
  • Bomb timer: 45
  • Plant time: 5
  • Defuse time: 7.5
  • Multi Bombe: Disabled
  • Round switch: After 12 rounds
  • Silent plant: Disabled
  • Friendly fire: Enabled
  • Dynamic events: Disabled
  • Spectating: Team only & First person only
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