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World of Warcraft just celebrated its 16th year

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Broodmother of the Black Dragonflight. In case you're a veteran WOW Classic Boostingplayer, that name will quickly summon since quite a while ago covered sensations of fear – from the accuracy make light of expected to take her, to the hours spent granulating missions to try and enter her den. Yet, Azeroth's most frightening mythical serpent appears to have lost her touch, as a band of 40 World Of Warcraft: Classic swashbucklers worked out how to fell Onyxia in nothing however their underwear recently. 

As detailed by the people over at PC Gamer, the bare demonstration of reptile matricide occurred recently on the European Zandalar Tribe worker mmobc.com. Players purportedly came from a sprinkling of organizations, to peel off and work out exactly how to bring down one of Warcraft's most famous supervisors. 

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