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The newest lore volume is called World of Warcraft

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It isn't so much that Onyxia isn't mathematically less scary than previously, mind. From a details point of view, she should be similarly as extreme a battle as she was 16 years back. All things being equal, fan archive Wowhead uncovered that a decent arrangement of theorycrafting went into the battle. For a beginning, the assault comprised of quite a lotta ice mages Buy WOW Classic Items. Casters aren't close to as influenced by losing their weapons as scuffle warriors, the reasoning goes – and it helps for a later stage that appears Onyxia take off. 

A couple of skirmish warriors (generally Paladins) hop in to give buffs, with one poor exposed turf entrusted with failing the Dragon's hostility without their typical suit of plate WOW Classic Items. There's an amazing accuracy to the manner in which buffs are circulated, mixtures burned-through, and spells paced out to guarantee that no one unexpectedly scratches aggro off the principle tank – however there's an outrageously narrow escape right off the bat in the battle. 

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