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FFXIV Alchemist: Gil Making Guide

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It is very easy to learn how to earn more gil as an alchemist. It's just not such a good life. While other craftsmen, such as B. Weber, access to magic on demand and cooks have access to essential meals, the alchemists are closer to the end of the supply chain. However, alchemists have income potential much earlier than other artisans, and some of these components can only be made by them for higher level recipes. If you are considering trying your hand at alchemy, there is strong synergy with the botanist profession as it allows you to gather most of the materials you need for free. Here's everything we know about how to make FF14 Gil an alchemist in Final Fantasy XIV. For more FFXIV Gil you can refer to https://www.ssegold.com/ffxiv-gil

How to make gil an alchemist in Final Fantasy XIV
The best way to earn more gil as an alchemist in Final Fantasy XIV is to focus on making medium to high level reagents, as well as high level potions and potions. Of course, you can also make furniture and SCH / SMN books, but it's not worth doing as regularly as this one. That sounds good on paper, but we'll break it down for you here.

Take a closer look at every glue, oil, and ink you can make. Seriously, just take a look at it. Each of these recipes have high potential for profit, especially if you can get the ingredients you need at a low price through a clever market-board strategy, or if you grow them at the botanists and war disciples of your choice. The reason the reagents are so popular is because only alchemists can make them, so you really only compete with other alchemists and not many players see it as a moneymaker. The last part is a minor mistake.

New reagents are added to the latest recipes regardless of the level. For example, starch gum is used in 21 recipes, only one of which is an alchemist recipe. That means 20 recipes depend on the availability of this glue, and if you're not an all-rounder (someone who builds out all of their crafts) other artisans will be looking for your wares. Don't just go for high values, as you expand, the demand for lower values for adhesives, printing inks, etc. will increase. Check the MCC for supply gaps and meet the demand. Remember, when demand is high and supply is low, you can set the price and gil will flow like water.

Potions and alkahests are very lucrative for alchemists. In contrast to the reagents mentioned above, these fluctuate, but eventually stabilize at a fairly high price and remain there over several changes. While there are many useful potions for restoring life and removing certain stats, these are dropped in as many places as possible, like candy, so your investment will not pay off easily. Do a few of these anyway, but don't rely on them to make you super rich. Instead, try making potions that improve stats, such as: B. Intelligence tinctures. These and other tinctures offer a bonus to one of the most important stats and can do a significant damage boost in raids or high-end content. Raiders in particular, especially right before new content is released, are going to pay a lot of money for a package of the stuff you get, especially if you use them as a HQ. Track the patch cycle to find out when new recipes are released, then use your botanist to gather materials and craft them. To be honest, the stats below should be your focus as the others aren't that great right now.

In addition to these stat-boosting potions are Alkahests. Alkahests should be your bread and butter, period. At the time of this writing, these potions are rated 1-4 and are all sold at fairly high prices. While the attribute-enhancing potions are primarily bought from DPS, Alkahest is bought from artisans as almost all advanced crafting professions require one of these potions to make combat gear. That's actually a bit ridiculous. Regardless of the class, aim for HQ and check out the older Alkahests. while level 4 is definitely the new hotness, level 3 and below are still cheap because you play the only handyman who can make the damn thing! You talk about job security, don't you?

Here are our suggestions on how to turn FF14 gil into an alchemist as you cook and maybe you will be the one knocking on the door. Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PS4 and PS5

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