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Best Ways To Spend FFXIV Gil For Free Trial Players

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So you are approaching the 300k gil limit and are desperately looking for the best way to spend gil on free testers. Unfortunately, the options are a bit more limited than for subscribers, as free trial players cannot access the market board, trade with other players, and save enough money to buy a house. Even so, in FFXIV you want to make the most of what is available to you. That's why it's important to know what to spend your hard-earned gil on. Here's everything we know about the best way to spend final fantasy xiv gil on free trial players in Final Fantasy XIV.

The best way to spend gil on free trial players in Final Fantasy XIV
The best way to spend gil in Final Fantasy XIV during the free trial period is to purchase dyes, status-raising food, work equipment from vendors, and ingredients for artisans. When you reach a certain level of rebirth or the celestial beasts, you will also receive their exclusive mounts, which cost a fair amount of gil! Please see below for more details.

Get yourself some new rides
A Realm Reborn has done some really great things, but one thing it hasn't is its Beast Tribe quest. It takes forever to improve your relationship with Amalj'aa or the Dogs Heads, but once you get to level 4 of the original tribe you get access to some very cool and expensive rides. We recommend doing these daily once you've unlocked them so you have something worth spending gil on. There are also three mounts in Heavensward, but you have to attain oath status (level 7) for each tribe in order to be able to purchase them. Here is a short list of notes on each of the mounts offered.

Amalj'aa - Calvary Dragon - 120k Gil
Sylphe - Laurel Gobbue - 120k Gil
Leprechaun - Bomb Litter - 120k Gil
Sahagin - Cavalry Elbst - 120k Gil
Ixali (requires craftsman) - direwolf - 120k gil
Moogle (requires artisan / collector to complete) - Cloud Mallow - 200k gil
Gnath - Kongamato - 200k Gil
Vanuwanu - Sanuwa - 200k Gil
Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PS4 and PS5. And while you're at it, check out our other Final Fantasy XIV guides too!

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